Frequently Ask Questions about Lifetime LED Lights:


Q: What headlights fit my vehicle?

A: Use our handy Headlight Application Guide 

Q: How do I warranty my lights?

A: Follow the directions here, https://www.lifetimeledlights.com/led-lights/warranty

Q: What headlights fit my vehicle?

A: Use our handy Headlight Application Guide 

Q: How do I become a dealer?

A: Fill out this application. 

Q: What brand of LEDs are used?

A: We use Epistar and CREE LEDs in our lights, we know they will last, and stand behind them 100%

Q: What does the lifetime warranty cover?

A: Our warranty covers the LEDs. If they stop working  we will repair or replace the unit. We also cover defects, such as water in the lights.

Q: Do you offer repair service?

A: Yes, we can repair you unit if the need arises.

Q: Do the lights come with a switch?

A: No, but you can add our switch kit

Q: Where do these ship from?

A: Our warehouse is in UT, all products ship from there.

Q: Are the lights legal for on road use?

  • A: You need to check with your local and state laws, We are not lawyers and can not advise you on legality of any light.


Privacy rights are listed here https://www.lifetimeledlights.com/led_lighting/privacy

Please call 585-203-0887 if you have questions regarding your purchase that are unanswered under your account page.