You will never guess what we changed at Lifetime LED !!

   You will never guess what we changed at Lifetime LED !!

   I hate those headlines, and never click on them, But they do seem to get attention and we have changed some things. 

   Most importantly we have been working on a new headlight replacement bulb. We have replaced many of our current black series of headlights with a Gen2 model that is a much better performing bulb. We have had them in testing for about 6 months now with great success, and low failure rate. The new generation has a built in driver and works great with most canbus problem vehicles. 

   The chips have been changed to a CREE XML series chip, and the color temp is now 6000k to match our light bars and most aftermarket LEDs. The aluminum body is designed to dissipate heat more efficiently. With the addition of the built in driver installation is easier and less confusing.

   The H13 Gen2 model is designed to be adjustable. As you may know, Jeep uses an offset headlight mounting design. If you look at the halogen light in a Jeep JK you will notice the filament is at a angel to the light (pointing about at the 10 o'clock position). Ford and others the filamnet is straight across the light housing. Our H13 Gen2 bulbs are adjustable in the mounting ring to get the perfect alignment. This feature ensures that the light output is perfect for each vehicle. 

Models available now 

 Models coming soon (3-4 weeks)

   Our fabulous web team has added a great new feature to our website. The new Headlight Application Guide - - is now available on every page of our website. This tool makes it easier to find the headlight you need. This tool is a custom feature that was made by our hard working web design team to work in conjunction with our website to make ordering easier for our valued customers. Try it out.. You will love it. 

   Our line of 7" round headlights for Jeep JK or any other vehicles that uses 7" round headlights has increased. We have added a 40w -4 lens replacement light that has a H13 connector already wired on. The pair also includes a H13 canbus harness and a H13 to H4 adapter (not all vehicles need the canbus harness). These are a great complete package for installation in any vehicle using a H6024 headlight or the JK.  SKU: LLL5040-7

   A JK fog light option has been added to our already great light choice. The direct replacement fog lights are 18w each, 1300 lumens, and bolt in to the factory locations on the stock JK bumper. They also fit other vehicles, check the website for fitment

   The best and easiest way to get out new images and products on your website is to log in to your account on ASAP All of our updated information is available there. It is the easiest way to add our products to your website, or update you images. 

   Thanks for reading, and I bet you never could have guessed.........

   The Crew at Lifetime LED