45w Ditch Light with Side facing LEDs


We have a great ditch light for you. The 45 watts of LED power make this the only light you will need. Each light has 6 forward facing 5w CREE LEDs and 3 side facing 5w CREE LEDs. This pod light should be the only light you need for those dark nights running the trails, or on the back roads. 

This package includes a right side pod light, a left side pod lights, and the wiring harness to hook them both up. The harness includes a 40a relay and a switch, so installation is super easy. The adjustable mounting brackets have virtually limitless aiming possibilites. 

Package includes

  • 1 Left Side light Driving Light pattern
  • 1 right side light Driving Light pattern
  • Adjustable Mounting brackets
  • Wiring harness with switch and relay

Light Features

  • 4500 Lumens Each
  • 45w of LED power
  • 3 Side facing 5w Cree LEDs
  • 6 Front facing 5w Cree LEDs
  • Black powder coated Aluminum housing
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • 6000k Light color
  • 3" tall 4" wide 3" deep

Sold only as a kit