5202 PS24W Bulb | 5202 LED Bulb | LED Replacement Bulbs

The 5202 Bulb is LED Replacement Bulbs, 5020 LED Bulb is priced as a pair. The 5202 Bulb is Energy Star Compliant.
Lifetime LED Lights brings you the 5202 PS24W PS24X LED bulb for your replacement needs.
As with all the LED lights we offer, the 5202 bulbs carry our lifetime warranty so you can purchase this pair of LED replacement bulbs knowing that they will stand up to the test or you're money is returned.
There is a reason more people turn to the 5202, single beam headlights for their cars.  The image below shows the difference between how the road will look with these 5202 LED Bulb headlights over the HID, the change is visual improvement is staggering.
5202 Bulb | 5202 LED Bulb | LED Replacement Bulbs
Details regarding your new 5202 bulbs
  • The price you see is for the pair, if you are looking for a single 5202 bulb, please call our shop and we can accomodate your needs
  • You will directly plug the 5202 LED Bulbs into your vehicle
  • The voltage for the 5202 is DC10V - DC32V
  • The 5202 gives you Luminance of 2000 LM
  • With over 30,000 hours life span, you will be sure to get your investment back over and over
  • 5202 bulb has a 6000k color temperture
  • 22 watts of power output with the 5202 bulb
  • Construction of this replacement bulb is die cast aluminum
  • Energy saving on this 5202 Bulb is 80% over a halogen bulb
We ship quick because we know you're headlights keep you and you're cargo safe.  Buy here online or find a dealer in your area.
5202 Bulb | 5202 LED Bulb