7 LED Headlight | Round LED Headlights SINGLE


Our 7" LED Headlight replaces your 7 inch round halogen headlight. The round led headlight shown here are sold single, 1 piece, for motorcycles and carry our lifetime warranty.

Feedback on this 7 LED headlight set has been strong.  Using our round, 7 inch LED headlights to replace your round halogen headlights on your motorcycle is a solid choice.

Nighttime is where these headlights play a big part of your safety and outcome of your ride but, with the integration of the built in daytime running lights you gain added safety on or off the beaten path at night or in full daylight.

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Details about the 7 inch Round LED Headlights:

  • Featuring 13 5w Phillips ZES chips. Gives you superior durability with long lasting performance
  • 6,500 color temperture
  • Uses a PMMA lens
  • 2000 lumens of output on low beam, 3900 lumens on hi beam
  • The DRL uses 2 5w Phillips chips, can be wired for DRL, turn signal, or running light
  • Please Note - Some vehicles may require a resistor or anti-flicker harness to stop flickering.
  • The LLL75w-7 has a military breather to prevent fogging
  • The housing is made of durable die cast aluminum


7 LED Headlight | Round LED Headlights

Buy online or find a dealer near you for quick pick up.  Our 7 inch round LED headlights are the best investment you can make for your ride.