H4 LED Bulb | H4 LED Headlight Bulbs

H4 LED Bulb for your headlight replacement needs. The H4 LED has our lifetime warranty, H4 LED bulb is price as a pair.

Take a look at the difference that the H4 LED bulb will make on your ability to see at night.  The image below shows a standard Halogen headlight bulb on the left side and the H4 LED Bulb on the right.

H4 LED Bulb vs Halogen bulb

In addition to completely changing the way you see the road at night, the H4 LED headlights bulbs will give your over 30,000 hours of life.  The H4 LED bulb has been rated IP67 so you're not going to have any loss of performance because of the elements.

The H4 LED Headlight Bulbs give you an energy savings of over 80% when compared with a halogen headlight bulb, they are Energy Star compliant as well as DOT Compliant.

The price you see is for the pair of H4 LED headlight bulbs and these bulbs carry our lifetime warranty.  Click find a dealer to pick up your pair today or add these H4 Bulbs to your shopping cart and we'll get them on their way to you today.

Installation and features of your new H4 LED Headlight Bulbs:

  • Installation is a breeze, just plug directly into your factory socket, no relay harness is needed.
  • Voltage for the H4 Bulbs are DC10V - DC32V
  • Output Power: 22W @ low beam 30W @ high beam Input
  • Lumens: 2000LM for Low beam 2600LM for High Beam
  • Color Temp.: 6000k
  • Construction: Die cast aluminum
  • Cooling: Integrated Fan

For help with the H4 Bulbs or any other LED Headlights on our site just use our contact us page and we will respond quickly.

As with all our LED Lights, you can expect a quality LED Product, every time, every light.

H4 LED Bulb | H4 LED Headlight Bulbs