LED Cube | Phantom Sun 3" LED Cube Light


This 3" LED cube light from Lifetime LED Lights is the one of the brightest LED cube light products on the planet. The power of the 28 watts of LED cube power really makes the difference with this LED Cube.
Configured in a 2x2 design with the use of specially designed optics, not only are the LEDs brighter but they are more focused with less spread, giving you the ability to see farther than ever before.

Choose from the flood or spot pattern or buy a few of each, the price for our LED cube light with it's lifetime guarantee means you are making a solid investment in your LED cube purchase.  The nice white light that these LED Cube light pods give off is stunning!  We know the 6,000k color temp is going to make anything in your path clear and stand out.  Great for the road or the shop.
The Phantom Sun series from Lifetime LED Lights is our most popular series and you will understand why once you have this LED cube in your hand.

Additional features of the 3 inch LED cube light include:

  • 3 inch cube Phantom Sun LED Light specifications:
  • 28 watts of LED power
  • 4 7w Phillips LED chips
  • 3.4A current draw at 12v
  • 3344 lumens (YES 3,344)
  • Die cast aluminum housing
  • Black powder coating
  • Replaceable Polycarbonate lenses
  • Extra large heat sink for improved heat extraction
  • Curved optics for better light control
  • Available in Spot or Flood pattern
  • Flood UPC 670045269375

Shipping is quick with these LED cube light parts but you can find a dealer near you if you need same day delivery.

LED Cube | Phantom Sun 3" LED Cube Light