Projector Headlights LED Demon Eye Headlights C

This pair of Projector headlights are 7 inch round Demon Eye headlights with a color pattern the is White on the inner halo, Red on the outer halo and have a Blue back light.  These Projector headlights are LED and will adapt to fit vehicles with the H4 plug with H13 adapter.  These Demon eye headlights offer both hi and low beams.

Customizing your Projector headlights is limited to your imagination with the wiring options, this gives you the ability to truly customize the light pattern for your ride.  This pair of Demon eye headlights have a Red, White and Blue color combination.

The integrated LED projector creates a superb beam pattern, with a sharp cutoff line.  The videos below give you a small taste of what can be done with your LED Projector headlights.

Features of the Projector Headlights:

  • Demon Eye C color pattern
  • 30w H1 LED projector
  • White Inner Halo
  • Red Outer Halo
  • Blue Back light
  • H4 plug with H13 adapter to fit many vehicles
  • Multiple wire hook up
  • 6000k Headlight Color
  • Hi and Low beam
  • Wiring knowledge required for installation
  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • Aluminum housing
  • Price is for a pair of headlights

Wiring is required for the Halo and Demon eye headlights.

These projector headlights are hands down the most creative and impressive LED headlights to come on the market to date.  Get your pair now and we will ship to your home quickly.  If you need quicker pick up you can find a dealer near you by clicking here.

Projector Headlights LED Demon Eye Headlights