RGB LED Light Bar 20 Inch 120 Watt

Check out our RGB LED light bar and it's unique abilities. This 20 inch RGB LED light bar has RGB chips inside, this let's you customize the color of the backlight in the 20 inch LED light bar. But that's not all! You control the color combinations, brightness and flash rate all from the available Bluetooth app! Now you can sit back and enjoy the control you have over this amazing RGB LED light bar.

These 20 inch LED light bars also have the latest in optics technology. The new 5D lens helps direct the 10,000 lumens of white light to the area that its needed most. Changing the the RGB feature of this light can be done with the Bluetooth app or with the included control switch.
This 20 inch LED light bar come with the wiring harness, relay and switches necessary for installation. It is very easy to install, just hook the red to the battery positive and the black to the ground.

  • Everything else has connectors so you can not wire it wrong.
  • RGB LED for back lighting
  • 40-3w CREE LED chips
  • 120w of 6000k light
  • 5d Optics
  • All wiring is included
  • BleDIM App is used Apple Android
  • Dimmable from the app
  • Strobe, Flash, Change color, and customize from the app
  • 22.25 inch Mounting width

Shipping is quick because we know you want to start checking out all the new abilities you can control with these RGB LED Light bars, but if you need same day pick up you can find a dealer near you.

RGB LED Light Bar